Issue 08

featuring Sarah Kahale (the issue cover)

maggie woodward

[fanged but lovely]

Jude Moore

sun models

Emma Sloan


maggie woodward

night work

Claire McCulley

losing you to you [why we enter the burning house]

Odelia Fried

A Body

Zoé Duhaime

Revenge on Rabbit

Ann Huang

Frozen Dream

Lauren Elizabeth Holmes

soft[ly] palate[able]

[soft]ly on your [palate]

helga floros

journal entries, or: after the wreckage

Leonard Zawadski

Tea Steeps

Julinha Cordoso

Sex Poem: ​Castles of New England, Scotland, and Wales

Jenna Cardinale

A Ruined Shape

Robert McKay

From "Calendar"

Richard Georges

Divination / Tortola

maggie woodward

[great things are dull]

[a distinct melancholia]

Rob Wilson Engle

A Prescription

baldhip is caitlin baird and jess knowles

Issue 08 layout by benjamin willems