Issue 08 Contributors

Jenna Cardinale is the author of a chapbook, A California (DGP, 2017). Some of her poems appear in Reality Beach, Pith, Verse Daily, and H_NGM_N. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she’s always ready to take you on the Cyclone.

Zoé Duhaime is a timekeeper, letter writer and feminist.

Rob Wilson Engle is an editor and personal trainer. He scrutinizes your grammar and squats for a living. A graduate of Marshall University, Rob currently lives in Brooklyn and works at the public relations firm Edelman. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in DIAGRAM, F(r)iction Online, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Profane, Phantom and elsewhere.

helga floros is a student & writer living on the internet.

Odelia Fried is a student, poet, and actor based in NYC. Their work can be found in The Fem, Cleaver Magazine, Window Cat Press, The Rising Phoenix Poetry Review, and other magazines. Their passions include gender, Judaism, adolescence, and intersections of the three. They can be found on twitter at @odeliafried.

Richard Georges' poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Prelude, Smartish Pace, The Puritan, WILDNESS, The Caribbean Writer, The Rusty Toque, Wasafiri, and elsewhere. He is the author of Make Us All Islands (Shearsman Books, 2017) and the forthcoming GIANT (Platypus Press, 2018). He lives and works in the British Virgin Islands.

Lauren Elizabeth Holmes' interest in 'body language' arises from studies that will soon lead into medicine. As a polyglot she is similarly interested in language - what it can and often cannot do. Through this lens of the human body, medicine, and language she found myself exploring the relationship between romance and the human mouth.

Ann Huang is a seasoned marketer with more than fifteen years of experience working with the spoken and written word. As an MFA recipient in Poetry from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, Huang’s poetry has appeared online and in print extensively. Her recent manuscript, Saffron Splash was a finalist in the Cleveland State University Poetry Center's Open Book Poetry Competition. Huang's new poetry collection, Delicious and Alien, just came out in March 2017.

Claire McCulley is a lesbian poet and activist. She uses poetry to rebel, radicalize, and transform, especially through the eyes of a young queer woman. It is her love langue. Claire is 20 years old.

Robert McKay is from Burlington, Vermont, and now lives in Seattle. His first book was Cities of Rain (Honeybee Press, 2012). Poems have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Green Mountains Review, Existere, Ditch, Siren & others. Robert teaches high school history & lives with his partner, a union organizer, & his cat, an agoraphobe.

Jude Moore was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they received a BA in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico. They are a middle school English teacher in Brooklyn and spend as much time possible napping with a dog named after Stevie Nicks.

Emma Sloan is an author, poet, and music journalist based out of Victoria, B.C. You can catch up with her articles at the Canadian Beats website and her poetry through her instagram, @emmacsloan.

maggie woodward is the author of the chapbook FOUND FOOTAGE (Porkbelly Press, 2017). her work has appeared or is forthcoming from The Atlas Review, Devil's Lake, New South Review, & Witch Craft Magazine, among others. She holds an MFA from the university of mississippi, and presently lives in los angeles, where she is pursuing a PhD in cinema & media studies at the university of southern california.

Leonard Zawadski's poetry can be found in such journals as Into the Void Magazine, The Literary Nest, and Quail Bell Magazine, among others. He lives and writes in Chicago, IL.