Lauren Elizabeth Holmes

soft[ly] palate[able]

soft[ly] palate[able] the fleshy [joining of our] mouth[s] which separates [logic and reason from emotional yearning] and which, together with the hard[ly] palate[able], forms the [foundation of our kind of love].

cleft soft palate
[Fortunately] the [slow waltz is] defective but may be part of [amorous affairs] involving both soft and hard [mouths], [lips] sucking or [heartfelt] regurgitation of [swelling emotions].

dorsal soft palate displacement
[Our] free [love] of [each other’s] soft palate is [shifting] from its normal position under [your skin] to [rest ever so gently on top of] the opening of the larynx causing reduction in airflow.

elongated soft palate, overlong soft palate
A common [mistake that young lovers make] which causes [shouting,] distress, gagging and [make-up sex]. The soft [whisper] interferes with the [head and the heart], particularly after it becomes inflamed [with passion and regret]. Affected [lovers] appear to choke, then continue to breathe through their mouth with a [heartbroken] rattling sound. The cause and pathogenesis are un[easy].

soft palate myositis
May contribute to [cat got your tongue / lump in your throat silence].

soft palate par[alysis]
Causes a functional [mouth to fall silent] and the affected [lover] chokes up during [that crucial moment]; often accompanies [tears].