Emma Sloan



1.   the feel-good guilt
      of snipping leaves from stalks.
      of salt on snails.
      of the door you slammed
      just to see if you’d get your finger
      caught in its hinges.

synonyms: someone else’s tongue pressed like the barrel of a gun against your teeth.
2. hoarding his name like glass behind your teeth. his initials scrawled in lipstick across your clavicle. laughter pitched two octaves too high.
synonyms: craving the weekend like you’d crave a cigarette, a shot of gin, a knife to an open wound.
3. or- memories of the sea surging between your toes. shoes slung across telephone wires. rewinding the tape back not to after the axe fell, but before it was even a thought in the first place.
synonyms: wouldn’t you want to retell it kinder, if you could?